Gift Wrapping 

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Brittney B Wrapping provides gift wrapping for every occasion.  Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, or just because! Trust Brittney B Wrapping enhance your gift giving experience. Whether is be simple and elegant or over the top, we offer gift wrapping solutions for every personality. 

In-Home Services 

If you have more than 10 gifts that need to be wrapped in home services are for you! Brittney B Wrapping will travel to you and set up a gift wrapping station in your home. You have the option to choose customized themes to fit your decor or for one of our associates to free-style based on the gift. Travel fees are based on location. Per box gift wrapping prices apply. 

Marketing Events  

Are you a company looking to impress your customers during the holiday season? If so, contact Brittney B Wrapping to discuss event options that are catered to your companies needs. I have worked with companies such as Game 7 Marketing, WeWork, Pop Sugar, and Saks Fifth Avenue to give them and their clients a gift wrapping experience they will never forget. 

Corporate Gifting 

As an employer, it is important to show appreciation to your employees as we navigate uncharted waters. Contact Brittney B Wrapping to find the best solution for you. We offer solutions such as remote gift stations, to offer complimentary gift wrapping to your employees, and branded gift wrap designs to give out the perfect gift.

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